Toronto Internationally Educated Individuals Associations (TIEIA) is a registered Not-for-Profit organization. TIEIA is dedicated to making things better and easier for individuals and families with international education experiences so they can successfully integrate into their work, studies, and life in Canada. We broadly define internationally educated individuals as anyone who has educational experiences in a country other than Canada.


The co-founders of the TIETA are internationally educated teachers with Canadian education and teaching experiences, who have successfully navigated through Canadian education systems and secured professional positions. We have worked with international students, immigrants, newcomers in educational services and academic research settings. We also obtained training experiences with refugee and migrant issues. 


Joy Zhao, PhD

Joy is a successful educator and researcher with over 20 years of experiences and sincere interest in helping internationally educated individuals and their families. Joy holds a Ph.D. in Second Language Education from the University of Toronto. Her research work related to internationally educated individuals include immigrants’ mindset and the impact on their children’s education in Canada, immigrant teachers’ learning and professional development in Canada, teacher stress and coping strategies during teachers’ transition from teacher education programs to their workplace in Canada, Chinese immigrants’ socioeconomic integration in Canada and their mental health issues. 


Jenny Zeng

Jenny has been an experienced teacher in both the public sector and private sector in Ontario, as a member of OCT (Ontario College of Teachers). Jenny’s wide spectrum of knowledge of the Canadian social system and educational system will help the internationally educated individuals adjust to life, study, and career in Canada.




Making lives easier for Individuals & Families with international education experiences

Over the last few years, TIEIA has offered free workshops, seminars, English conversation programs to internationally educated individuals and their families.

Most recently, TIEIA is proud to be the local champion for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in Toronto. 

TIEIA is continuing to provide more free educational programs and settlement supports to newcomers, immigrants, international students and their families in Canada.

​Find out more about our programs: Life Enrichment Programs for SeniorsAnti-Racism Learning Series, Toronto Imagination Library, Junior Book Club, Free Virtual Tutoring, Specialty Programs